About us

The story of the BananaRat begins with one young Marine at the start of his military career.
Being the only Cuban American in his unit, the young Marine was usually the outcast among his peers. During a specific joint operation, there was a group of Marines that were sent off to Guantanamo Bay. Upon their return from this Hutia infested area, the group looked down at the young Marine and said "Hey, we know what we are going to call you. Did you know there's a dirty rat we found and it's called a banana rat. From now on you're the “BananaRat". The Marines laughed and mocked the young Marine (this is our clean, sober version of the story, if you can imagine).

At the beginning, the young Marine would fight anyone who dared to call him this hutia-inspired name, but as time passed, he eventually grew into the BananaRat. After a long and successful military career, the Marine is still known to many across the world as “The BananaRat” and he wears this figure with pride (like literally, tattooed on his arm).

In 2016, the image of BananaRat was created. It is a reflection of the Marine and the man himself. It became a dream that one day BananaRat would be the face of a brand name and be a special part of other people’s lives. Today, BananaRat is a brand of apparel that will give anyone, warrior or non-warrior, a sense of belonging and meaning (even if it means a rat that poops tiny bananas).