Mission Statement

The BananaRat is a clothing brand uniquely designed and handcrafted to offer warriors or non-warriors a tactically retired style of fashion. We use only the best quality textiles to ensure our brand will never disappoint. The BananaRat brand is a clothing line provided by your very own U.S. Military community. Our mission is to never keep it dull, but always provide fun, witty apparel. Our focus for the future is to give back to homeless Veterans at the end of the day.

From Our CEO: Thank you for all you do for the Veteran community. We Appreciate It!

Semper Fidelis.

The BananaRat Sends

In any climate or place, our shirts will continue to have the invaluable feeling of comfort. They are made with soft-spun cotton for the most enjoyable, softest feel. Tested for wearability, we found that the extra length added to our tees allows for unrestrained movements. Don’t like tags? It's ok! We have tear away labels along with our 1x1 rib knit neck and shoulder to shoulder perfect taping. Oh Yes! This quality of textile also extends to our socks, caps, backpacks, and accessories too.

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About Us

Banana rat is the rough english translation of Hutia. Hutia is a large rodent that can be found in
Cuba and Guantanamo Bay. It's named the banana rat not because of what it eats, but because its poop looks like little bananas (can't make this up).